Frequently Asked Questions

The UK Edition, which is English edition that will be available globally outside of North America, releases on May 11, 2023. The US edition releases on July 11, 2023. You can preorder either edition (or both, for those who like collect) online!

Yes! At the time of posting this, TCOS will be translated into Spanish, French, Italian, Czech, Portuguese, Polish, Ukrainian and Hungarian. Join the email list for updates on future translations!

Yes! There is a pre-order campaign going on at Eagle Eye Book Shop in Atlanta, GA. When you pre-order from them, you’ll get a signed U.S. edition and character art card!

Nope! The Curse of Saints is a trilogy, so you have three books to look forward to!

The Curse of Saints is Adult, so it is best for audiences 18+. There is a bit of spice in Book 1, and will likely increase as the series progresses, as will some of the darker themes of the book. Spice and on-page sex aside, the TCOS series deals with adult themes and includes mature scenes that are best fit for adult readers.

Unfortunately, my schedule does not allow me to give feedback on others’ writing at this time. I recommend leveraging #authortok on TikTok to find critique partners, or checking out resources like!

I have always, always dreamt of being an author! I’ve been writing creatively since i was 11, and writing professionally (as a copywriter) since I graduated college. But to be honest, it always seemed like this distant dream… until I started writing The Curse of Saints. I had tons of half-finished works, but this was the first book that I could see clearly (and could trace the journey for the next two books).

Let the first draft suck! I mean it! Let it be really really really bad. You just have to get it DONE so you can make it better!