The Curse of Sins

After discovering she's prophesied to save the realm, Aya's duty should be clear: return home with once-sworn enemy Will to serve their queen in the coming war against a rival kingdom…one whose pursuit of dark magic could bring the realm to its knees.

The Curse of Sins by Kate Dramis
The Curse of Saints

As the realm teeters on the edge of catastrophic war, will she be their savior or destroyer? Will he be the hero or the villain? When faced with world-breaking forces... who will they become?

The Curse of Saints by Kate Dramis
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Meet Kate

Kate Dramis is an Atlanta-based writer whose obsession with fantasy worlds and escaping into a good love story eventually drove her to chase her dreams of being an author.

She’s the author of the instant Sunday Times Best Seller, The Curse of Saints (the first in its trilogy), and is currently on submission for The Odds of You, a rom-com reminiscent of The Holiday X How to Fake it in Hollywood. 

When she’s not busy writing banter that makes her laugh in an embarrassingly loud fashion, you can find her impulse-booking her latest travel adventure, snuggling with her dogs and cat, or tormenting her growing legion of readers on TikTok and Instagram with vague book teasers.

New Releases

Master your magic. Gain allies. Prepare for war.

As an elite spy and the Queen’s Third-in-Command, Aya has dedicated herself to a life of discipline and duty, using her gods-given abilities to keep dark magic from ever returning to the realm. Her oath ensures she will always act to protect those she fights alongside―including Will, the Queen’s Enforcer and Aya’s bitter rival.