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Hi! I’m Kate — a conversion copywriting expert that helps coaches, course creators, and consultants get heard online through irresistible messaging and copy that converts.

You’re too amazing to remain unheard.

So let’s do something about that… shall we?

In the online space, your copy is everything. Without a message that inspires people to take action, you’re stuck. Stuck doing webinars where no one shows except your Mom (love ya, ma!), stuck spending hundreds (if not thousands) on ads that don’t build your list nearly as quickly as you want to, and stuck pouring your heart and soul into an offer only to hear crickets when you finally make the pitch. 

I don’t want that for you… So let’s get to work.

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We worked with her on our latest launch and it ended up being our biggest launch yet. And I know a major factor for that was the communication, the copy, and the messaging she helped us craft for the offer. If you’re looking for a conversion copywriter and you want someone with a whole lot of personality and who is responsible, resourceful, and always on time, I cannot rave enough about Kate.

– Jill Stanton, Screw the Nine to Five

What you gotta do is connect with Kate, get her process, get in her head so you can get her stuff, her strategy, her way of doing things into your business cause it’s going to make a difference.

– Mel Abraham

We just completed our biggest 6-figure launch that we’ve had in the history of our business. This was the 7th launch for the exact same program but the difference in the success of this launch was the Kate factor!

– Tiffany Lee Bymaster

She’s an actual magician… I decided to launch a different group program and instead of feeling totally overwhelmed and like I’m starting from the beginning, I felt really empowered, really confident. I was able to sit down and start creating the pieces again on my own

– Dr. Morgana McCabe Allan

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