Hi, I'm Kate. I'm here to make you a BOSS.

Here’s the thing — EVERYONE is trying to make it online right now.

It’s saturated, it’s overwhelming, and let’s be real… it’s totally draining you.

Because you’re putting in MEGA work. You’re cranking out content, sharing on social media, doing all the “right” brand building things. Problem is? You’re seeing no results. I’m talking crickets chirping in your comments and inbox… #amirite?

This is where I come in.

You want to have a successful brand. I want to help you get there. How?

By creating a solid marketing strategy that uses REAL data to get REAL results. No more throwing things at the wall and hoping they stick, no more cranking out content once a week because “that’s what you’re supposed to do”, no more pulling your hair out because NO ONE is seeing or engaging with the brand you’ve worked so hard to create.

I’m talking about an actual plan that nails down YOUR audience, YOUR message, and YOUR strategy to get your brand seen so you can have a successful business. Can you dig it?

"If you feel like your marketing strategy is missing something, it might just be Katelyn!"
Jasmine S.


I’m Katelyn… but my friends call me Kate. I teach peeps like you how take their digital dream and turn it into an actual business. I call it being the boss of your brand, and it starts by creating a strategy that makes sure your brand isn’t just seen by your audience… it’s engaged with and loved on all day long.

What’s my secret? I leverage my own experience as an agency content lead, corporate marketer, and freelance digital consultant to help you make the same magic I’ve made for my clients.

I’ve helped clients (and my own biz) achieve some pretty terrific things online, from increasing revenue 350% in under a year to growing a social presence 775% in just one month. You know how this started? With a solid strategy that nailed down a market, a message, and a plan to get their brand’s content in front of people who need them.

Digital is, quite literally, my life. And I want to share my passion with you by helping you kick the rut you’re in with your brand and actually stand out in a crowded digital space (which is totally possible, BTW).

It’s not about creating a ton of content and being a slave to your computer as you promote, promote, promote. It’s about being able to MARKET your business by leveraging a solid strategy that connects you to the right people at the right time.

You need a plan. I’m here to help you make one.


  • You have a message you want the world to hear, but no one’s even seeing it.
  • You run yourself in circles trying to figure out how to market your business.
  • You feel like just getting a content out the door is a win — it’s exhausting!
  • You’re experiencing burnout and wish someone could just show you the ropes.
  • You know that if you just had a solid plan, you’d be kicking ass online.


Getting your brand seen in this crazy-crowded digital space can seem like an impossible feat. Plus, there’s all these mega-popular brands who have massive followings and are just killing it (and you).

But I’ll let you in on a secret. You know those brands you want to be like? 

They actually didn’t just blow up all of a sudden. They had a solid strategy from the very beginning.

Because no matter what your goal is — whether it’s to make money with your blog, build your business and flip it, or just get a few new customers — no matter how you want to leverage your audience, you get there by being strategic about how and where you show up online.

You get there by knowing your game plan inside and out. By being a marketer who has a strategy and plan for their brand domination.

It’s time to create yours.