You know well-written content is essential for a strong online presence, but when you actually sit down to write it? That’s when you get overwhelmed. You know what you want to say, but writing it down just the way you want it is harder than it seems.

Copywriting, like design, SEO, or paid advertising, is more than just a task — it’s a skill that people create entire careers around. Which is why hiring a professional copywriter is essential for your content marketing efforts.

Not convinced? Here are five reasons why you should hire a professional copywriter, even if you do your own marketing.

1. A Unique Point of View

You live and breathe your business every day. You know way more about it than any outsider, which can actually be detrimental when it comes to content creation. Your customers don’t necessarily speak about your products or services the way you do. A professional writer can help settle the difference between your knowledge and the customer’s vernacular, creating content that gets your point across in a way that resonates with your audience.

2. Improved SEO

It’s no secret that a key to organic traffic growth is content that is optimized for search. By working with a professional copywriter who is well versed in SEO best practices, you can improve your site’s ranking, improve your visibility, and potentially save money you’d be spending on paid advertising by increasing the amount of organic traffic your content receives.

3. Better Communication

Professional copywriters have made entire careers around their ability to write well. They know how to leverage words to evoke emotion, encourage action, and engage readers. By using a professional copywriter for your content marketing needs, you ensure your communication with your customers is top-notch.

4. Brand Consistency

Online marketing doesn’t just involve one channel. Today’s world is one of omnichannel marketing, where all of your channels must work together to create a cohesive brand experience. This means consistent writing across your marketing channels is absolutely key. A professional copywriter will know how to write in the unique style of different channels while keeping your brand voice and tone even throughout all touch points.

5. Conversion Optimization

A professional copywriters are expert communicators. They know how to use well-written content to communicate the right message at the right time to your audience. While copy alone doesn’t sell, well-written copy can remove obstacles to conversion, improve engagement with your brand, and ultimately, convince a customer to convert.