I wrote once about my experience as a leader in an industry that objectifies my gender. As a female advertiser, life can get pretty weird. While there a plenty of us in the industry, there aren’t a lot of us in senior roles.

In fact, according to the 3 Percent Conference’s WhatWomenWant study, while women account for 46.4% of the advertising industry, only 11% are creative directors.

Which explains, in a way, why despite the fact that women control up to 85% of consumer spending, 91% say they feel advertisers don’t understand them… because we’re still seeing ads like this:

Photo by Yves Saint Laurent/Instagram Photo by Yves Saint Laurent/Instagram

It can be a discouraging industry for female creatives. But instead of being frustrated at the current situation, how about getting involved?

There’s some killer inspiration for an aspiring #girlboss who wants to see a change in how things are done, both in the creative world and beyond. Here are three organizations to check out today if you need some inspiration or are ready to incite some change of your own.

1. The 3% Conference

Kat Gordon experienced firsthand the issues females face in agencies during her 20 years as a Copywriter/Creative Director. After researching why women only represented 3% of Creative Directors, Kat found most issues centered around there being a “lack of” for women creatives; a lack of mentorship, leadership, support. So she decided to do something about it.

The 3% Conference teaches men and women in advertising how to change the tide by offering female creatives the sense of community they’re so sorely lacking. The conference has exploded since its 2012 launch and now consists of an annual event in NYC, MiniCons across cities, an energetic online community, mentorship, research, and more.

It’s an inspiring and supportive movement that keeps me jazzed about continuing to incite change in the advertising industry. If you’re a female creative with CD/senior leadership aspirations (or a man looking to change the ad culture), you’ll definitely want to get involved.

Check out the 3% Conference here.

2. Joan Creative

Is there anything better than two kickass woman creating an agency that pays homage to history’s most kickass women? I don’t think so.

Founded by former Wieden+Kennedy Executive Creative Director Jaime Robinson and former Refinery29 Chief Operating Officer Lisa Clunie, Joan takes inspiration from the powerful Joans of the world who combined their talent, creativity, and values to create change. Joan champions diversity, both in their own workplace and beyond. The agency established the Joan Foundation of Diversity, which ensures a percentage of the company’s time and revenue is dedicated to finding diverse talent.

Joan recognizes something I find the rest of the industry is missing: that diversity leads to more creativity, which means bigger and better ideas that actually resonate with people. They make me excited about the future.

Check out Joan here

3. Ladies Get Paid

If I were Wonder Woman, Ladies Get Paid would be my Lasso of Truth… or Zeus. This organization is full of amazingly powerful, spunky, confident, outspoken women who here to make sure you get what you deserve.

LGP was started by Claire Wasserman, who refused to accept the incredible disparity between genders in leadership roles. The result is an organization that makes it their mission to help women advocate for themselves at work. They use community, education, and advocacy to empower women to take control of their careers and get what they deserve.

It’s a feminism powerhouse that inspires, excites, and incites change in women who are ready to demand their worth. I’ve been so inspired by the stories these women share, and can guarantee you will be too.

Check out LGP here

It can be tough out there ladies who are ready to climb the ladder, but these organizations give me  a lot of hope, courage, and energy to keep fighting the good fight. Who is inspiring you lately? Let me know below!