Shaylene CameronThe following is a contribution from Shaylene Cameron, CEO and Founder at Shaylene Cameron Mentoring. With driving over 1 million in B2C sales, managing a team of 12 and teaching everything from prospecting to client sales, Shaylene quit at the top of her game. She wanted to do coaching her way. Now, she helps coaches & service-based entrepreneurs have a positive impact AND create more wealth in their businesses.

What would you have for your last meal?

For my last meal, I’d order sushi.

Fresh Sashimi, sticky rice, avocado, seaweed, allllll of it. Would be mine.

Have you ever met a person who can eat the same thing day in and day out without getting sick of it?

“Hi” I’m your girl. Sushi is my crutch, Japanese food is my jam.

So why am I talking to you about eating sushi when you just wanna know how self-doubt is affecting your biz?

Well, if you’re not clear on what you want at the most important time in your life, self-doubt can creep in and make a different decision for you

…like maybe eating burgers instead.

Or worse, you’re worrying about your business’ existence because of your lack of consistent cash-flow. It starts to affect the bounce in your step, the smile on your face…

I’ve been there, I get it.

And, I gotcha!

Before we get into how you can move forward, you’re probably asking, “Who is she?”

Here’s a snapshot of my story:

I managed a team of 12, drove over 1 Million in Sales in coaching revenue and at the top of my career, I quit.

I wanted to do it my way and create a coaching business I love.

I’m a Transformational Business & Success Coach who helps you overcome self-doubt and make YOUR service-based business profitable!

So, all this self-doubt stuff is a combination of hesitation+fear with a dash of overwhelm.

It’s like the feeling where things are moving (or not moving) too fast to process.

Maybe you’ve lost sight of the BIG picture and even stopped taking action. #amiright?

I’m here to tell you, it’s entirely NORMAL to have these moments.

The first thing I want you to do is to give yourself permission to have this moment of stress.

It’s just a blip in time and a sign that you’ve got the opportunity to course correct.

This is entrepreneurship.

It will pass, and later we can both laugh at it together. Deal?

In the meantime, let’s tweak a couple parts of this strategy and ditch the fear for excitement and momentum!

Here’s an exercise to help you gain traction towards your goals:

Step 1) Grab a paper and pen and write down your 12-month vision for your business. Think ‘goal format’ Ask questions like: how many clients do I want? What programs to do I offer? Do I do speaking engagements? Keynotes? Trainings? Seminars? And anything else you can think of.

Dream, design and be free with your creativity!

Step 2) You’ve now got a list of goals to work towards this year. Now, which ones focus the most on makin’ money in your business?
Highlight these and proceed to Step 3.

Step 3) Choose only ONE of these highlighted goals to work on in the next 30 days. Focus on learning, growing, failing, improving, and succeeding in everything involving this one goal. Figure out how you’re going to make it happen. #getclear

Step 4) This step is SO important and where most people get hung up! Open up your schedule and block off time during the week to work towards this goal. You’ve got to break it down into bite-sized pieces to achieve this goal. Make it real for yourself. Take this commitment to your future seriously.

Step 5) Ask for help. Building a business is one of those things that you can only do for so long on your own until you need another pair of eyes. Trust me. And most people “solo-preneur” it too long and end up getting perma- stuck. Avoid being one of these people and join my community of like-minded service based entrepreneurs to keep you movin’!

We’re pretty amazing 😉

Here’s the just…

When expectation and reality don’t match, it leads to disappointment. Only then, can self-doubt breed inaction in our business.

Schedule your goals, ask for help and give yourself permission to be incredible at what YOU do!

And most importantly, be so clear that you’d know what your last meal would be #sushiforthewin

Your Business & Success Coach,

Shaylene xo

P.S Have you had self-doubt creep in and paralyze you in your business? It’s so common…and I’d love to know how you got out of it! Come and join the conversation in The Coaching Community and let us know what you did to overcome self-doubt. Look forward to meeting you!