As a consultant, I often get asked about promotion.

Where should I be advertising? Should I be posting on social media? Is there a channel that works best for my type of service?

As a blogger, you can probably relate!

There are so many avenues for blog promotion out there, and it always seems like there’s a new “go-to” channel that has been doing wonders for someone else.

Stop me if this sounds familiar…

You’re researching how to increase your blog traffic, and you come across an article with a headline like this:

How I received 1 Million Pageviews From Pinterest 

You want to dive in immediately, right?! I mean, obviously Pinterest is the golden method for promotion!

If you’re nodding your head along (and you’re about to drop everything and spend the next week researching Pinterest), you just made the most common promotion mistake bloggers make.

The #1 Promotion Mistake Bloggers Make

It’s so easy to get sucked in by someone else’s success. After all, if it worked for them, why can’t it work for you, right?

But here’s the thing — that’s actually the number one mistake I see bloggers (and marketers) make. We tend to hop on the latest thing that has done wonders for someone else, because we want those same results.

There’s definitely no harm in learning from another’s success and trying new things, but here’s where we get it wrong: we drop everything to commit to this new plan without taking the time to do the research first and seeing if this would even work for our brand.

Instead of dialing back into what we know about our audience, or what we need to learn, we jump on board with a quick fix because hey, it worked for someone else!


I’m going to let you in on a secret I’ve learned.

Until you know where your audience is engaging with the types of content you’re writing, following someone else’s promotion plan can be a huge mistake for your blog. 

Before you put all of your eggs in someone else’s basket, you need to gut check their strategy against your own tribe and niche. Here’s how to do it:

Figuring Out Your Own Blog Promotion Plan

In order to nail down a promotion plan that works for your blog, you’re going to have to get your hands dirty! I’ve broken out the steps I use with my clients whenever we’re determining where to spend time and resources on promotion. Use this to walk through your own blog promotion planning session!

  • Do some good ol’ fashioned research.The first thing you need to do is get into the mindset of your tribe. Where are they sharing and engaging with content like yours? Is it Pinterest? Instagram? Facebook? A combination of all three? Do a few simple searches on various platforms and pay careful attention to engagement numbers. Or, better yet, use Buzzsumo to see where content like yours performs best!


  • Test, test, test.Here’s a secret about achieving success online: it takes a whole lot of testing and optimization! Once you’ve found a channel that looks promising, dedicate time to testing promoting your content there. For example, I spent last month testing a few different strategies on Pinterest (because I know that’s where my tribe hangs). By focusing all of my energy one channel, I learned some incredibly valuable stuff about Pinterest advertising (and saw a 300% increase in site traffic). Test, test, test!


  • Don’t forget to pitch. It’s easy to think promotion just means sharing our content on social. But promotion is so much more than that! It can include advertising and pitching your blog to other sites to get a link back or a share. Check out this detailed post by SmartBlogger for more info on how to build your master outreach plan.

In Closing

When it comes to blog promotion, it can be SO tempting to copy what everyone else is doing. And while learning from others’ success can be an INCREDIBLE way to grow your own blog, that doesn’t mean we should skip the research and throw all our eggs into someone else’s basket!

So the next time you hear of an awesome promotion plan, gut check it with the steps above before going all-in. Your blog with thank you!