Marketing for Landscape Architects

We live in a digital world. The days of flyers, direct mail, and print advertising are largely over, which means as a landscape architect, the way you advertise your business needs to change.

In order to attract customers online, you need a landscape architecture marketing strategy that focuses on communicating the right message to your customer, on the right channel, and the right time in the buyer journey.

Establishing a Landscape Architecture Marketing Strategy

Marketing your landscape architecture firm online is about so much more than getting your name out there — it’s about meeting your customers wherever they’re interacting online and guiding them through the marketing funnel with valuable content.

If you’re looking to create a strong landscape architecture marketing strategy, make sure your plan covers these three important areas:

  1. Audience Research: Your audience has questions about their landscape. Are you answering them? In-depth audience research involves uncovering the questions, concerns, and dilemmas your audience has about their landscape and developing a plan to provide this information. In doing so, you establish your company as a trusted advisor in landscape design and architecture.
  2. Channel Strategy: It’s not enough just to know how to answer your audience’s questions. The key to a strong marketing strategy is to communicate with your users on the channels they use most, whether that be a blog, social media, third party publication, or a combination of these. A proper outreach plan is key to ensuring you connect your customers with the valuable content you’ve created in the right place, at the right time.
  3. Optimization: Getting a ton of visitors to your site is great — but what if those visitors don’t do anything? Then you have a problem. Continual optimization of your landscape architecture marketing plan ensures you’re removing barriers to conversion, which means turning visitors into leads, and leads into customers.

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