You’ve spent a ton of time creating an AH-MAZING blog. Your design is on fleek, your posts are well-written, and you’re even writing consistently.

So why the heck are your traffic numbers staying the same?

Don’t fret. Increasing blog traffic can be a lot of work — but it’s also totally doable if you go about it strategically.

Here are six ways you can boost your blog traffic in a big way.

How to Increase Blog Traffic: 6 Tips for Accelerating Your Blog Growth

Answer a Need

The best way to guarantee people read your blog post is to give them something they can’t resist. You need to fill a need, and in order to do this, you need to know your tribe inside and out.

Today, great content falls into two categories: it either entertains, or it educates. So if you’re doing either of those, you’re bound to be doing something right!

If you’re fresh out of traffic-worthy post ideas, try a few of these tools to get a better idea of what your tribe is asking for:

  • Answer the Public: This is my go-to for finding common questions people ask about a certain keyword. Answer the Public takes a keyword and shows common questions people ask around this keyword.

answer the public

  • Quora: This is another great tool to discover questions people are asking within a particular topic. All you have to do is type your topic in the search bar and see what questions people are asking!


  • FB Groups: If you’ve ever sat through a masterclass with me, you know I am OBSESSED with FB groups. Find ones related to your business/blog/what your tribe is into. Join 2-3 that look promising and check out what people are chatting about. What questions do they have? What are they passionate about? If you can’t find enough info… ask!

FB groups

If you want to learn more about how to find content ideas through keyword research, check out this awesome guide by Nate Shivar of ShivarWeb.

Include a Killer Headline

Traffic to a post can vary as much as 500% just based on the headline. You know what this means?

It means that in order to increase your blog traffic, you need some badass headlines that catch the eye and, more importantly, cause people to stop what they’re doing and click through to your blog.

Remember that your blog headline (or your blog title) is not always what shows when you share your post on social media (and when your post is on Google). What shows in these areas is actually called your title tag.

shivarweb title tag shivarweb blog title


Ex: ShivarWeb

Most blog platforms have a standard title tag format and automatically generate the title tag for you (unless you tell it otherwise). Make sure you know how your blog generates your title tag and that you have the ability to get in there and change it!

Hint: If you’re a WordPress user, the Yoast SEO plugin is my go-to to make sure I get this done right.

Keep SEO in Mind

Let’s address the elephant in the room, shall we?

SEO is overwhelming. It’s a huge topic and it can be totally intimidating.

But you need it.

Even if you have absolutely no desire to rank on the first page of Google (no judgement — it’s hard), you simply cannot ignore SEO as a blogger. There are HUGE benefits to including keywords in your post and making sure it’s properly optimized… increasing blog traffic being one of them!

Here are a few key ways to optimize your posts to increase blog traffic:

1. Include Keywords:

Including keywords in your blog post is a sure-fire way to make sure it’s optimized for search. This doesn’t mean go crazy and stuff your post with keywords on keywords on keywords. Your blog post has to be readable and valuable above anything else.

But this does mean you should do a bit of keyword research to inform your post.

I use Google Suggest (the suggestions when you use Google search) and Answer the Public  when I do keyword research. These tools are great for discovering long-tail keywords (keywords that are 3+ words), which tend to be less competitive than shorter keywords.

For example, if I’m writing about solo travel, I may have a harder time driving organic traffic for a post focused on the keyword “solo travel” vs. one that focuses on “solo travel for millennial women”.

The more specific you can be, the easier it will be to compete, the more targeted your post will be, and the more directly you can serve your tribe’s need. Wahoo! It’s a win-win.

2. Include Internal Links

Internal links are a great way to optimize your entire website for SEO. They help Google get a better understanding of your site architecture and help your tribe navigate throughout your site.

internal links

As such, every post you create should include at least one internal link where appropriate. Make sure you read over your post to identify opportunities to link to other site pages or blog posts you’ve published on your site.

3. Nail your Title Tag, Meta Description, and URL

A good title tag, meta description, and URL are key to optimizing your post for search. Make sure you include your keyword (naturally) in all three. You’ll also want to make sure you watch your character limits (listed below). I swear by the Yoast SEO plugin to make sure each of these elements is fully optimized and ready for search!

  • Title tag: 50-60 characters
  • Meta description: 160 characters

Promote It, Promote It, Promote It

Unfortunately, it’s not enough to write a kickass blog post. You can’t just hit publish and watch the traffic roll in.

Promoting your post in the right places is key to increasing blog traffic.

Notice I didn’t just say promoting… I said promoting in the right places. In order to really get the most bang for your buck (and time), you should only be promoting your blog where your tribe hangs out.

This goes back to really knowing and understanding your target audience. For example, I know that my peeps are SUPER active on Pinterest. So, I make it a point to focus a lot of my promotion time there.

Once you know where your audience is hanging, take time to create promotional assets for each channel. I use Canva to create social share images for Instagram, FB, and Pinterest. You can also test out some small advertising promos on these channels to get an extra boost (I recommend using a super-small budget if you’re just starting out… $5/day can do the trick).

Keep in mind promotion can also mean outreach. If you’re writing a big piece, do some research on other bloggers or publications that may be interested in sharing it or linking to it from their site. An inbound link (AKA a link from an external source to your site) can do wonders for your SEO and traffic!

Make it Evergreen (and Update It)

Evergreen posts are ones that are relevant forevs, which makes them a perfect way to increase blog traffic to your site over a longer period of time.

Instead of blogging only about trending topics, try to focus more on topics that are relevant over a long period of time.

For example, blogging about the upcoming fashion trends in 2018 may get you a spike of traffic when the new year rolls around, but it will be short-lived. However, writing about 10 looks that never go out of style gives you a post that could consistently drive traffic to your blog because it’s timeless.

By implementing more evergreen topics into your blog, you get your posts to work harder for you. And, as information changes or evolves, you can go back in and update these posts to keep them fresh and relevant for your audience.

Use (and Grow) Your Existing Tribe

It’s easy to be so focused on growing your audience that you forget about the people who are already around. But if you have Google Analytics or some sort of tracking set up on your site, hop on in there and see how many repeat visitors you have every month.

How are you continuing to nurture these people?

Chatting with your existing audience has a direct impact on how your blog traffic grows. Facebook fans, Insta followers, Pinterest peeps, newsletter subscribers — these are all people who have indicated they like what you have to say… so make sure you’re talking to them!

Every time you publish a blog post, make sure you’re sending it out to your current fans. Feel free to promote older, evergreen posts, too!

Also, if you’re seeing a lot of repeat traffic and aren’t promoting your FB page, Instagram, or email newsletter sign up on your blog… get on that ASAP! You want a way to capture interested visitors so you can continue to chat with them later on.

In Closing

Increasing your blog traffic takes work… but it’s 100% doable if you follow the right strategies and stay consistent.

As you’re implementing these new blog-growing tactics, make sure you’re using analytics to track your progress. Hop in there right now and find your baseline: how many users are you getting a month on average? This will be the number you measure your growth from.

Check back on your analytics every week. Look not just at overall traffic numbers, but at sources, too. Where are people coming from? This will help you tailor your promotion strategy to ensure you’re boosting your post in the right places.

Have questions or other ways to increase blog traffic? Drop it in the comments!