So registration for our 3-part live free training series, Lurkers to Buyers, is about to kick off on April 22nd, and we are so freaking excited! This is how we give you a little sneak peek at what’s going on inside my signature program, Copy That Converts, so you can see if it’s a good fit for you.

But there’s another reason I’m sharing some deets with you. Because since we’re adding even more to CTC, we’re making adjustments to the training too, so we can make sure our people really get some amazing things out of it.

Every time we have Lurkers to Buyers, it gets better and better. Why? Because we’re learning and evolving as things change in the online space. Just like we’ve been adding new content to CTC, we adjust the training to make sure we’re up-to-date on everything so our people will walk away with seriously good info!

On this episode of Amplified AF, I want to show you what to expect in Lurkers to Buyers, but also want to tip you off to some takeaways you can use to take a look at your business and see how you can be making changes as you evolve. That way, your experiences can better show people what it’s like working with you, but also how you can make them even more FUN — for you and your people! 

Just in case it’s your first time here, let me introduce myself!  I’m Kate — a conversion copywriting ninja who loves helping entrepreneurs just like you find, own, and share their voice in the online space. I’m so glad you’re here!

Quote of the Day: “I would encourage y’all to look at how you start creating experiences in your business that reflect what it’s like to work with you. How can you start creating experiences in your business that are fun, that align with your energy?”

So let’s start with what we’ve got going on in Lurkers to Buyers this time around.  We’ve got 3 one-hour training sessions that are too amazing for words! Here’s what’s going down:

  • Training 1 – We’ll talk all about what great copy is (and what it’s NOT). We get crystal clear on what it takes to write copy that makes your people excited to take action. We’ll discuss how to adjust when things aren’t landing the way you’d hope. We want to make sure when you create copy you’re not wasting time because you’ll be focused on the right things
  • Training 2 –  This is where we dive into your secret sauce — massive shifts happen in this training and that’s why it’s everyone’s favorite! We’ll get clear on what makes you and your offer different because when we’re creating demand, we want to think about how you are unique. You’ll get a simple process to help unearth your secret sauce so you can create instant demand for your offers.
  • Training 3 – This one’s all about the nitty gritty of copywriting itself. Now that you know what you want to say, let’s talk about how to actually get that messaging into copy that converts. Cool? Cool. 🙂

So now that you know what to expect inside Lurkers to Buyers, let’s talk a little bit about how you can apply some of our takeaways within your own business.

Each time we go through our training experience, we get valuable feedback from our people. It helps us figure out what’s working, what could be better, and what new things we might want to consider adding in. So we take the feedback we get into account, then adjust. 

Another way is to do a little self-evaluation when it comes to your business. Look at what feels aligned, and look for things that could be even better!

Ask yourself a few questions, like…

  • Where am I losing people?
  • Where am I getting the most questions (or just confused looks)?
  • How can I bring in more things that match my energy?
  • How can I bring in things I enjoy that are more fun for me?

These will help you dial in to how you can tweak and adjust to make your experience more effective for your people — and more fun for everyone.

Keep in mind one of the reasons you use experiences like this is to give your people an idea of what it’s like to work with you. That way they can decide if what you have to offer is the best fit for them. So you’ve got to give them a great picture of what that looks like so they can make the decision that’s best for them.

Ready to grab your seat in Copy That Converts once the doors are open? Be sure to get your name on the CTC Waitlist now!