Today we’re gonna be switching gears a bit and gonna chat a little bit more about the behind-the-scenes stuff here at Team Kate. We’re just weeks out from my signature program, Copy That Converts, opening for Spring 2021 and we’re revamping it for the new session.

Now, you may be thinking, “But Kate, why fix what’s not broken?” And I totally get where you’re coming from. 

The thing is, this sprucing up we’re doing isn’t about changing what works, it’s about fine-tuning it so it’s more aligned with where we’re headed as a business. 

Tune into this episode to find out what inspired this update, and what exciting things you can expect inside our newly updated Copy That Converts!

Hold up a sec!  First time here?  I’m Kate — a conversion copywriting expert and coach. I love helping people just like you get super clear on their message so you can get it into the hands of the people who need your special brand of awesome! I’m so glad you’ve found us!

Quote of the Day: “Does it make me nervous to change our positioning on something that’s been working? Uh, yeah. Of course. However, I know it’s a needed change because I’ve talked to so many people.”

So before I give you all the juicy details, let me backup a sec and share how this all came about. 

The thing is, there was this gap in the copywriting industry. Either you were doing your own copy or if you were running 6- and 7-figure launches, you’re paying someone like me to do it for you. But writing your own copy if you don’t have a plan in place can be hella overwhelming! 

That’s why I created CTC. 

It was that formula that anyone could take and use it to write effective copy for their own launches. The thing is, in the past when people who weren’t launching asked if CTC was a good fit, we always told them no. 

But in the last year, Team Kate has moved away from relying solely on traditional launches to meet the needs of our people, so that changed the game a bit. We’ve started leaning into a new way of serving our peeps and have totally let go of the pressure of having to do everything the “right” way.

The result has been nothing short of spectacular because we’ve been able to grow our community in a fresh way and because we’re really listening to them, we have offers that are exactly what they need. 

But we haven’t waited to do a big, traditional launch to get the offers out there. We’ve sold through Instagram stories and Facebook lives. Believe it or not, it WORKS. And if it works for us, we know it will work for our people, so we’ve got to include how to map out messaging for non-traditional launches within CTC.

My goal in making these changes is to make sure that you have a process that works anytime you want to use it. I want you to be able to pull out an offer whenever you want because having that flexibility is SO important.

So the question is, how does this reworking of CTC apply to your business? Take a look and evaluate the changes you’ve made in your brand, then determine how you can be implementing them into your products.  

Because let’s face it, your products shouldn’t look the same years later. They should reflect who you are and how you run your business NOW. So take a look and make sure they’re doing just that.

And THAT’s exactly why we’re updating Copy That Converts.

Bottom line, my friend: is it scary to make a change? HELL yes. But we’re not changing things just to change them. We’re tweaking what needs it after talking to so  many people and the new changes will best help meet their needs.

So no matter if you’re doing a full-blown launch or want to pop onto your stories to sell a new offer, the new Copy That Converts will give you the right strategy to make it work.

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