So one of the things I hear most from entrepreneurs is that they’re not fans of selling. And trust me, I totally get that because if it’s not done the right way, it can feel icky and gross.

But here’s the thing: selling only feels wrong when you’re trying to convince someone to buy or do something they don’t want or aren’t ready for. When they’re totally on board, selling becomes not only easier, but it actually changes the way it feels for you and your people. 

How can one little shift make such a difference?

Because you both know you’re offering them something they truly want and need.

On this episode of Amplified AF, I’m talking all about how you can start to create serious demand for your offers, but also how to do it in a way that feels good to you and works. This is the thing that will totally move the needle in your copy, your promotions — in your whole business.

Hold up a sec!  First time here?  I’m Kate — a conversion copywriting expert and coach. I love helping people just like you get super clear on their message so you can get it into the hands of the people who need your special brand of awesome the most! I’m so glad you’ve found us!

Quote of the Day: ”If you can start sharing about your methodology and your approach before you ever offer your offer, you are attracting people who are going to be a perfect fit.”

So let’s start out by actually defining what “creating demand” really means, because it’s important we get that right out of the gate. It doesn’t have anything to do with convincing people. In fact, it’s not even about getting them to say “yes” to what you have to offer. 

Creating demand is about creating action, which can be a yes or a no. It’s about capturing the attention of those in your circle and showing them who you are, what you value and why you do what you do — and the special way that YOU do it. That way they have all the information they need to know if you and what you have to offer are a good fit for them.

Here’s an example for you: Years ago I was faced with having a massive jaw surgery. The reality is, the procedure itself was pretty much going to be done the same way no matter who did it. But we still interviewed surgeons. 

Why? Because they each had a different approach when it came to the outcome. After learning the different approaches of each doctor, we were able to choose the one that was the best fit for me.

But now that we’ve got what it is and why it’s important nailed down, here’s where creating demand gets magical. 

Creating demand doesn’t only apply when your cart is open and you’re starting to have conversations about sales. Because if you can share about who you are and your methodology before you ever talk about your offer, you will naturally create demand and attract the people who are totally aligned with you. By the time you start talking about your offer, they are more than ready to take advantage of it.

So what’s the secret to making that happen?

For starters, focus less on the technical side of things like your cart being open, and talk more about what you’re actually offering. Not the breakdown of your course modules or the steps of your process, but you really want to paint a picture of what it’s like to work with you.

You want to share things like…

  • Who you are and all the amazing things that make you YOU
  • What you value and how it drives your approach
  • Your unique methodology and why it’s different from others
  • What their experience working with you will be like, so they can get excited!

The key is painting a different picture by shifting from enrollment, offers, and sales to talking more about what you offer in terms of your service, methodology, values, and approach.

Here’s the rub, my friend: you and I are not the best fit for everyone — and that’s totally cool! 

But it’s our job to help people make the best decision for them and we do that by sharing what makes us unique and how our methodology is different. 

When we’re clear about who we are, what we value, and why our approach works, we can more easily create demand with the people who know without a doubt we’re the right fit for them. Everybody wins!

So are you ready to jump in with both feet to learn how you can improve how you’re reaching your people with your special brand of awesome? Well, look no further! 😉

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