So here’s the thing…sometimes you get that soul nudge to do something that wasn’t what you’d planned to do. But it’s so important to pay attention to what it’s telling you because there is so much purpose in it.

We tend to get caught up in all the “shoulds” when it comes to running our business, but if we fall into that trap, we chance missing out on the very thing that drives our purpose, mission, and vision.

Total transparency because this episode of Amplified AF is actually not what I’d planned to do. My plan was to focus on copy, but my soul had other plans. 

It reminded me that we can follow all the “right” ways to do things in our businesses, but if we aren’t sharing who we are and the things that matter to us that fuel our vision and mission, we miss the opportunity to connect in the most real and authentic way.

So let’s chat about how you can be brave enough to be unapologetically you and bring who you are and your vision into your copy because that’s how you change the game!

Just in case this is your first time here, let me say a quick hello!  I’m Kate — an expert conversion copywriter who is obsessed with helping people find their voice, own their voice, and share their voice in the online space. So glad you’ve found us!

Quote of the day:  “You have a calling and something that you can really help people do. That is really important to bring into your messaging and content. That matters.”

So let me set the stage for you. Here I was writing out an email to go to my list and putting together the title for this episode. We’re heading full speed into our next launch of Copy That Converts so naturally the plan was to talk about copy.

But as I was writing, I was like, “You know what? This isn’t what I feel called to share.”  I leaned into that nudge and here we are.

So why do you think it is that it’s so hard for entrepreneurs to share their thoughts and experiences? I think it’s because somewhere along the line we’ve started to believe we should only share what pertains to our offers

Here’s an example for you. So this past Sunday, I made a reel about my own healing journey from an abusive relationship. I sat there, hands shaking as I prepared to post it. All those doubts came flooding to the surface and I thought, “What does this have to do with copy?”

Well, I’ll tell you what it has to do with it. My mission is all about helping you find your voice, own your voice, and share your voice in the online space. 

The truth is, my experience is what catapulted me into what I do in my business. It’s what drives me to help you be unapologetically yourself. If I don’t share that part, I’m basically ignoring my mission and vision.

So now I know you’re thinking, “That’s great, Kate, but isn’t it important to create demand for my offers?”

Heck yes, friend! It’s important to share about your services, obvi! But if you’re not including your mission and vision, you’re missing out on the connection that happens through sharing who you are with others. You aren’t shining your light in a way that attracts your people to you.

If you want authentic connection with your people, you’ve got to bring your mission and vision and the things you really love into your messaging and content.

So how do you do that?  Here are 3 steps to get you started!

  1. Get clear on your why — why you do what you do, why do you serve the people you serve in the way you serve them?
  2. Start looking at what themes you hear yourself talking about — about business or what’s important to you on a personal level
  3. Figure out how you can incorporate those themes into more of your content — where do they tie into your offers? Where do they tie into your mission?

Bottom line, my friend: not only will sharing these parts of you increase your connections, but you’re gonna have a whole lot more fun! You’ll talk about things that light you up and fuel your soul and that’s what will attract your people to you.

I know you have a uniqueness and light that can make a difference in this world, but here’s the thing: you’ve got to share it to do that. 😉

Want to get even more guidance on how you can incorporate your mission and vision into your copy? The waitlist for our spring 2021 session of Copy That Converts is waiting for you! Be sure to get your name on it so you can grab your spot as soon as the doors open. See you there!