So let me set the scene. You’re mid-launch, and things just aren’t going the way you planned —they’re just not unfolding the way you expected! You’re in a total frenzy, trying to figure out how the heck to FIX things before the launch is over.

So what do you do? Rewrite your sales page? Revamp allll your social posts and emails?

I know that sounds like the best plan of attack, but here’s the thing: it’s one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Why? Because you’re fixing the wrong thing because your copy isn’t the problem.

The problem is in your messaging.

The truth is that you can have the most creative and catchy copy but if your people can’t see that your approach is a total no-brainer, it just isn’t going to land in a way that makes them take immediate action.

On today’s episode of Amplified AF, I’m going to share with you how you can really get to the source of the issue so you don’t waste your time and energy rewriting your copy when you could be showing up and serving your people.

Just in case it’s your first time here, let me introduce myself!  I’m Kate — a conversion copywriting ninja who loves helping entrepreneurs just like you find, own, and share their voice in the online space. I’m so glad you’re here!

Quote of the Day: “Writing and rewriting all of your stuff is not a great use of your time unless you’ve addressed the real problem. The problem is that you haven’t made the case for your methodology, which is what your launch is really all about.”

Now I want to be clear that I’m not throwing shade over here if you’re one of those people who has immediately rewritten everything when your launch isn’t going as planned. It’s not just you, my friend — I see it all the time.

I think it happens because we get so caught up in thinking the sales page is there to sell your offer to your people, but the truth is that if your messaging is on point, they should be on board before they even get there.

But that’s why spending time rewriting all of your copy without taking time to really lean in and figure out where the disconnect is a waste of your time, friend. Because it’s simply not going to fix the problem. 

In order for your people to take action on what you have to offer, they need to see that your approach will get them results — when they do, working with you becomes a no-brainer!

So how do you get clear on what you need to say to your people for them to be SOLD on working with you? Here’s a few questions to ask yourself that might help!

  • What makes me different from everyone else on the interwebz?
  • What makes me different from others in my niche?
  • What about my approach gets results (in a way others don’t)?

These key questions are SO important because the truth is that if people don’t see your methodology as the one that will get them the results they want, they won’t invest.

But when you can show them that you have the goods that will get them what they want most, they’ll be banging down the door to work with you!

Bottom line, my friend: you’ve got to remember that people are not investing in your offer. They are investing in your unique approach and the transformation you can get them. 

You’ve got to start by getting clear on your methodology — your secret sauce. Because if you aren’t clear on what makes your approach different, they won’t see it either.

But once you get clear on what makes you different and can convey it in a way that resonates with your people, they’ll be over the moon to work with YOU.

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