When you love what you do, it can be really challenging to decide to unplug and just do something you enjoy that’s NOT work-related.  

The thing is, part of being totally aligned is giving yourself creative space to do things you love—things that have nothing to do with your business.  And I know…it seems a little backwards, but taking that time away can actually HELP you in your biz.

On today’s episode of Amplified AF, I’m sharing two big lessons I learned when I gave myself permission to step away from work and do something else that totally LIGHTS ME UP. What I found is not only did I get the refreshment I SO needed, but it helped give me a new perspective that will help me in my business, too.

Hello, friend!  Just in case it’s your first time stopping by, let me introduce myself!  I’m Kate—a conversion copywriting expert who has had the honor of working with some of the top experts in the online space.  I help entrepreneurs get clear on their messaging so they can reach those who need to hear it most.  So glad you’re here!

Quote of the Day: “The more that I could remove myself from working, the more my brain was able to rest on work things and the more fueled I got about the business. This is where true alignment comes from. ”

So last month I took a week to hole up in the mountains with some of my gal pals in this sweet little cabin, nestled in the colorful fall foliage. I decided to take this week off because while I LOVE writing for my amazing clients, I love to write as a hobby, too.  But after I’ve spent time writing—for work—all day, it’s hard to switch gears and get back on the computer to write fiction, which is one of my passions.

And I’ll be honest…deciding to give myself this space was HARD.  It was a challenge because I am obsessed with my business!  I love our mission, I love what we do, and I absolutely LOVE our people.  It makes it a little tougher to take that step away.

But let me tell you, this week was transformational…and not just for my novel. Through this process of giving myself permission to step away, I learned two important lessons that I know will change the way I work in my business going forward.

And I know they will help you, too.

My first lesson was how important it is to allow ourselves time to be in that creative space.  

Shifting the brain to something new helps it to release all the things it’s been focused on and gives it the rest it needs to come back refreshed and renewed.

And I can tell you, at first my brain had a hard time moving on…but once it did, the pieces started to come together.  What this meant for me was a new direction I had been considering in my business.  It had been in the back of my mind, but I didn’t have the space for it to come into focus. Once I gave it that space, everything became clear.

The second lesson I learned is the power of collaboration. 

Once I’d written several chapters of my novel, I sent the first two to my best friend.  She loved them but asked one simple question–that ended up unraveling the whole thing!  She uncovered a plot hole that would have made my entire book not make sense!  

So after brainstorming with my friends, I was able to find clarity that I only got because they offered me a NEW perspective. 

24 hours later, I had a solid plot for book one, and ideas for books 2 and 3, which I had no idea even existed.  It’s all because I had people I trust who held that space for me and helped me work through it.

So I know you’re thinking, “That’s super, Kate…but how do I apply these lessons?”

It’s pretty simple, my friend.  Just start by asking yourself a few questions, like…

  • What would happen if I gave myself creative space more often?
  • Where am I not giving myself time to myself?
  • Where am I so close to my business that I can’t see an issue with it?
  • Who do I have in my life, whose perspective I trust, who can help fuel my creativity?

When you give yourself that space to shift frequencies, you’ll come back refreshed and refueled about your business.  And when you enlist the help of those you trust, they can see things from a different vantage point, and you can stop white-knuckling it all by yourself.  It’s true: we can get by with a little help from our friends!

Want to share with me how applying these lessons are helping you in your business?  Hit me up on all the socials→@katedramis. I’d love to hear it!