Let’s be honest…there are two MAIN types of offers we see in the amazing online space: The first may catch our attention, but we keep scrolling because they just aren’t quite what we need.  But the other kind?  Holy cannoli….they make us click enroll faster than you can say, “OH EM GEE, take my money!”

So what exactly IS it about the second kind that makes us jump up and take immediate action?

That’s exactly what we’re going to talk about on today’s episode of Amplified AF.  I’ve discovered the two key ingredients that make offers irresistible, and I’m SO excited about sharing how you can make them work for you, too.

Just in case it’s your first time here, HELLO!  I am so glad you’ve found us!  My name is Kate–I am a conversion copywriting expert who has tapped into the keys to creating offers that sell themselves and I love helping my people do the same thing, too!

Quote of the Day: “We get all these rules in our heads…and it takes us out of that place of alignment, it takes us out of that place of listening to our audience…and we don’t actually tap into the beauty that is being in alignment with our offer AND our audience.”

Let’s face it…one of the best things about being an entrepreneur is that you get to build your very own business AND you get to help others while doing it. What could be better than that?  

So why is it that SO many entrepreneurs feel like they are working so freakin’ hard and exhausting themselves, but their offers just aren’t selling like they KNOW they should?

Because the reality is, you can have the BEST offer in the world, but if it’s not what your audience actually needs, and the way it’s structured doesn’t light you the eff up, it simply won’t resonate with your people the way it could.

So, what’s the deal then?

The first problem I’ve seen happens when we are SO sure we know what our people need that we aren’t really listening to them—and we end up missing out on what they actually DO need.  While the offer itself is fantastic, it’s just not going to make them want to take immediate action because it doesn’t solve their particular problem.

The second mistake I’ve noticed is that we get stuck on what we think is the “right” way to structure an offer, it ends up not flowing well with who we are.  And trust me, if the way your offer is designed doesn’t align with YOUR energy, you will FEEL it and your people will, too.  And why should they be excited about it if you aren’t either?

And I know you may be thinking…”Cool info, Kate, but how do I FIX this?”

No worries, my friend. I’ve got your six!  Just two simple steps will change the way your offers feel to you—and they’ll change the way your people feel about them too!

Step 1:  Have real conversations with your people, and make sure to actively LISTEN to what they’re saying to you.  In the last month alone, my team and I have sold out two brand-new offers simply by listening to our audience.  We used their biggest questions to come up with solutions that exactly meet their needs, and they couldn’t wait to take advantage of them!

Step 2: Structure your offer in a way that is in total alignment with YOUR energy. Not your favorite online expert—YOU.  If you LOVE being live with your people (like me!), then you want to design your offer in a way that you get to do just that—online interactive training, one-on-one coaching, etc.  But if being live isn’t your thing, creating a passive course might be more your jam.  Remember…when you’re out of alignment it translates into your energy, which flows into your offer, and that’s what your people will FEEL. So make sure it lights you UP!

Here’s the deal: it’s time to stop killing yourself trying to create your offers in a way that doesn’t serve you or your people.  

Creating irresistible offers is a two-way street: it’s got to be the solution your audience needs, while also fueling YOUR soul so you can show up the best way you can to serve them in the way they deserve.

Don’t miss it, friend…there is such BEAUTY with being in alignment with your offer AND your audience, but it starts with really listening to what they need…and getting in tune with what you need, too.

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