So let me ask you something…have you ever gotten so wrapped up in all that has to happen with a launch that it’s actually kept you FROM launching?  

There’s writing copy, setting up Facebook ads, putting together a webinar–OH MY!

It’s one of those things that can totally take over your brain and leave you feeling overwhelmed AF.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

On today’s episode of Amplified AF, we’re going to talk about how to ditch the launch overwhelm so you can connect with your people and bring them an offer they can’t resist!

Hold up, friend!  Just in case it’s your first time here, I wanted to say welcome!  I’m Kate—a conversion copywriting expert who loves to help entrepreneurs find their voice, own their voice, and share their voice in the online space!  It’s totally my JAM.

Quote of the day:  “If the mere thought of launching is preventing you from doing that…it ain’t workin’, friend!”

So let me set the stage for you:  You’ve got this amazing offer that you are ready to share with your people.  But you get held up because your mind is swimming with ALL the things you need to do—and never share it with your people.  

But here’s the thing…launching doesn’t have to be a 20-step process in order for you to serve your audience.

Launching is simply creating demand for what you’re selling.

That can happen with a Facebook Live, and Instagram story, or even a one-on-one conversation.

And don’t get me wrong—I absolutely LOVE when it’s time to do a full-scale launch for Copy That Converts (my signature program!).  It’s fun coming on LIVE and getting hyped up and I totally dig the process.

But the reality is, even MY energy doesn’t allow me to do a launch on that scale every time I have something to offer to my people.  So in those moments between launches where we want to serve our audience, we’ve got to go back to the basics.

And I know you’re probably wondering, “Okay that sounds great, Kate, but is that going to be as effective as doing a big launch?”

It works, my friend. I can tell you that from experience.

In the last month my team and I sold out two new offers—and all we did was connect with our people and bring them an offer they couldn’t resist.

No big, robust launch needed.

All it took was connecting with our people and sharing the offers in a way that made them as excited about them as we were!

So how exactly do we stop allowing the idea of  “launching” to get in the way of serving our audience?

Trust me…it’s easier than you may think…

  • Be clear in what your offer is
  • Be able to communicate it in a way that creates demand
  • Get out there and offer it to them!

So…do you have something you are ready to share with your people?  

I am challenging you to connect with your audience today and start creating that demand for it!

Bottom line…don’t be afraid to tap into new ways to share what you have to offer, my friend.  How you connect with your peeps can whatever you want it to be—that’s the beauty of running your own business. You get to do it in a way that lights you up!

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