Have you ever experienced copy overwhelm? It’s something that doesn’t get talked about a lot, but it’s a significant driver of stress for a LOT of entrepreneurs. People seem to deal with this in one of two ways–either they sit there and stare at a blinking cursor, or they totally GHOST their audience.  

But neither of those will help your business or the people you serve.  

So how do you get out of the pattern of being overwhelmed? That’s what we’ll cover on today’s episode of Amplified AF, where we’ll talk about getting super clear on how to talk to your audience. If you’re focused on how to write instead of how to communicate with your people, you will continue to feel stressed, overwhelmed, and stuck. So let’s figure out how we can move through this to get to a place of alignment, and focus on connection and serving your people.

New to Amplified AF?  I am SO glad you found us!  I’m Kate Dramis–a conversion copywriter who loves to help entrepreneurs find their voice, own their voice, and share their voice in the online space.

Quote of the day: “When you’re focused on serving and connecting…this is what takes you from overwhelmed to super freaking pumped to communicate with your audience.”

It seems like there’s always something to create–social media posts, nurture emails–always something to write, am I right? It can be so overwhelming!  Here’s the thing: copy in and of itself does not have to be overwhelming.  

It only becomes that way because we make it so.

The truth is, we get so caught up in how and what we should say that we aren’t taking the time to listen to our audience. We’ve lost the key factor in all of this, which is having an ongoing dialogue–a conversation–with our people.  If we see it as a one-sided conversation, it will always make creating content harder than it needs to be.

So how do we fix the problem?

It’s gonna blow your mind how easy it is, really.  We take time to listen. When we listen, we gain more insight to what our people need and we develop a flow of conversation that helps us to meet those needs.  It becomes less about freaking out about writing content and more about how we can show up and best serve our audience.

And that’s exactly how we shift from stuck to super pumped to serve.

Here’s the rub: There will always be content to create. We have to shift our perspective on what it means to create content on an ongoing basis.

So I know you’re wondering where to start.  Ask yourself…

  • How many conversations am I actually having with my people? 
  • Where am I having those conversations?
  • What needs have I been identifying through those conversations?
  • How can I meet those needs through my content?

Being intentional about connecting with those we serve is where we start. That’s the key to overcoming the feeling of copy overwhelm. Listening to your audience and what they need opens the door to meeting those needs

My friend, if you want to ditch the overwhelm, you’ve got to fall in love with your messaging.  The way you do that is to connect. Set the intention of being there for your audience.  The more you listen and are in tune with their needs, the easier it will be to write content that serves. 

Remember…writing content is not about perfection.  It’s about learning to listen to your audience to unlock what they really need, then having a conversation about it. Communicating with your people is where the magic happens.