What is it about putting yourself in front of a whole bunch of new eyeballs that can stop you dead in your tracks?

The fear of being seen is real, y’all.

Today on Amplified AF we’re going break that fear down—where it comes from, what it means, and how to kick it to the curb—so you can show up with total confidence, and reach the people who desperately need what you have to share.

But before we dive a little deeper, I want to take a sec to introduce myself! I’m Kate—I’m a conversion copywriting expert and messaging coach, whose passion is helping online experts get crystal clear on their message so they can communicate it to their audience.  I am so stoked you are here!

Quote of the day: “Isn’t it worth facing that fear to help someone who really needs your specific light, your specific message, and your specific help?”

So let’s be real here: owning and sharing your voice in the online space can be SO scary. You know that putting yourself out there can change lives, but it also can open you up to all sorts of criticism, especially when you’re putting yourself out there to new people.


I SO wish I could tell you that fear goes away as you grow and scale your business, but I’m not gonna lie to you, homeslice. That fear will still be there, it just changes and shows up in different ways.

New level, new devil, as they say.

Since we know it’s not going to just go away, how can we address that fear, be bold, and do our thing anyway?

That step toward courage starts with being confident in who we are, what we stand for, and what our abilities are. We have to remember that what we have to offer has value, but unless we put it out there, nothing will change.

We have to stand in our authority and speak it to those who need it. But it also means recognizing that not everyone needs what we have to share—and that’s totally okay.

Accepting that we are not for everyone is a huge step in moving out of that fear and into action.

So the next time you feel that fear, address it. And I know what you’re thinking…“Exactly how do I do that, Kate?”

I’ve totally got your back! You can start by asking yourself…

*   What is actually underneath the fear?

*   What am I actually afraid of?

*   Am I afraid someone will criticize me—and I will think they are right?

So how can you let those things go?

Remind yourself of your passion.

Remind yourself of your purpose

Remind yourself it’s more important that you reach those who need it than worry about the people who are judging, or not open to what you have to share.

Bottom line: judgment is inevitable. So learning to move through it to share your message is key to being unstoppable.

So are you going to sit IN it?

Or will you sit WITH it, process it, and move on?

The choice is yours, my friend.

When you can step into confidence, knowing how your message can help change lives, that is how you show up as your most badass self, serve your people, and fulfill your passion and purpose.

Wanna chat a bit more about how you can overcome this fear?  Feel free to hit me up–@katedramis on all the socials.  Can’t wait to hear from you!