So I’ve been getting the same question a LOT from my people lately:  “Kate, when is the right time to focus on my copy?” Here’s the rub: the online space is only going to get more popular, so you have got to be able to stand out.  It’s never too early to get clear on your message and nail down effective copy so you can communicate that message to your people.  Today we’re going to talk about why we wait, and how we can get past it to get our message out loud and clear!

Just in case it’s your first time here, please allow me to introduce myself! I’m Kate! I’m a conversion copywriting expert and messaging coach, whose passion is helping online experts get clear on their message so they can communicate it to their people.  I am so excited you’re here!

Quote of the day:

So many people feel like they need to wait until they have everything else in place before working on their copy. But that’s like trying to take the driver’s test before you learn how to drive. That’s crazy talk!

So what gives?  Why do we wait?

Y’all, there is a certain vulnerability that comes with putting yourself out there. Being seen is what it takes to grow your business, but with that comes the possibility of negative response—internet trolls, haters— and that can be scary. And I totally get it!

But I think that fear can cause us to use “busy” as a reason (aka cleverly-disguised excuse!) to push the copy off until later. But if you let the fear keep you from putting yourself out there, it only results in those who need what you have to offer missing out. But friends, you cannot let that intimidation prevent you from doing what you were put here to do.

So how do we get past that fear?  Remind yourself you have a purpose and that the only way you can help others is to put yourself out there. They need what you have to offer!  But the only way they will know that is when you tell them.  Your copy is how you can communicate what they need to hear. And trust me when I tell you that the more you do it, the more confident you will become. The result? Writing copy WILL get easier.

Listen…there will always be a need to communicate what makes you unique and why people need to work with you. And the more confident you feel, the easier it will be for you to deliver your message! But that confidence comes with experience, my friends. When you have a process, you know the steps—and you see it working—you will find that confidence. But that only comes by DOING. So it’s time to kick that fear to the curb and just start!

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