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“You can have a very stress free, relaxing, fun, whatever vibe you want to put in your launch, launch if you just take the time to get clear on your message and not be afraid of it.”

Do you often feel overwhelmed and unprepared when writing copy for your launch? Do you feel like you go into your launch without a plan and as a result, copy sneaks up on you as you start your launch? Then this episode is for you!

Often times, when I talk to entrepreneurs who feel overwhelmed or underprepared by their launches, it is because they have no plan and are scrambling to get their launch copy done before their launch. Here’s the deal my friends, I’m here with entrepreneur extraordinaire, Amber Langley-Gill. She is the founder of the AMAZING Biohacker Babe Academy and a member of Team Wedmore. On this episode, I chat with her about how planning her launch and using the Copy That Converts methodology really allowed her to be present in both her launch and her personal life. I can guarantee this is an episode you won’t want to miss! See you there!

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