Have you ever tried writing your copy during your launch? Oh. Em. Gee—SO stressful. Not only that, but when you’re trying to write copy on the fly, your message could miss the mark.  Why?  Because by trying to squeeze out copy last-minute does not give you the room and space to be strategic with what you’re saying so your message is totally clear.

So what’s the solution? Creating a plan so your messaging through every stage compels your audience to move—from stuck to stoked!—will make the best use of your time and energy.  It will also free you up to serve your people well.

First time here?  So glad you stopped by!  I’m Kate—a conversion copywriting and messaging expert and coach.  Helping online experts just like you clearly share their hearts and messages with their people is my JAM.

Quote of the day: “You are doing your audience a massive disservice when you wait to create your launch copy mid-launch…if you want to give your people the best experience possible, you need to come in with a PLAN.”

Reality check, my friend: saving your copy for the last minute is tanking your launch. You pour your heart and soul into every step of the launch, then realize you have so much copy to write.  It leaves you frustrated, exhausted, and quite possibly is preventing your message from reaching your people because you’re trying to get it all down at the last minute.

But what if you could go into a launch and the only thing left for you to do is serve your people? It’s totally possible! All it takes is planning ahead to know what you need to say, and when you need to say it.  Added bonus: when you can get your copy down before the launch, you can start testing it before you even start your free training. Need some tweaks? You can make that happen.

I know what you’re thinking…“But there is SO much that goes into a launch, Kate.  How in the world can I get this done before the launch goes live?”

I’ve got your back, my friend.  I know it seems daunting, but the process is simple. But keeping yourself accountable to follow it is KEY:

·        Get clear on your messaging – what are you saying? What objections will you encounter? How can you help your people overcome any doubt?

·        Create a map – fine-tune what you’re saying in every stage of your launch.

·        Define each asset you need – opt-in, thank you page, confirmation emails – and figure out what your people need to hear in each of them. Get as detailed as possible!

And I know…it’s not sexy to plan, but listen, my friend: Your launch will go smoother, you’ll be less stressed, and you will be more energetically aligned to serve your people well when you follow a plan. Everyone wins!

So next time you’re going into a launch, do yourself a favor and zoom out 30 thousand feet.  Think about the journey you want to take your people on.  How can you bring them from stuck, not ready, and unsure to ready to take the next step and take it with YOU? You need to be strategic throughout your launch so your audience knows, without a doubt, THIS is what they need. Coming in with a solid plan is the way to make that happen!

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