I know, y’all…you’ve heard it from me before: great copywriting starts with great messaging. When your launch doesn’t have the expected results, it’s SO easy to jump on rewriting the sales page.  But I’m here to tell you, your sales page is NOT the problem. Your entire launch has got to make the case for your audience, so fixing the sales page without clarifying and amplifying your message isn’t going to make a difference. You’ve got to start with making sure your messaging is crystal clear.

Before we continue, let me say a quick hello! I’m Kate—a conversion copywriting expert who LOVES to help online experts like you find, share, and own your voice in this massive online space. 

Quote of the day: “By the time someone hits the sales page, they should be mostly sold on whatever it is you’re selling.  The sales page is where people go to buy.”

So many entrepreneurs come to me and say, “Kate, my launch didn’t covert—people aren’t buying. Can we work on my sales page?” Here’s the dealio, my friends:  When you see a lot of engagement, but your launch ends up with crickets, what you’re saying through your launch is not resonating with your audience, or there may be a problem with creating the demand that prompts action. That demand is what will make them ready to take the next step. The sales page is simply that final touch point where your client can say, “This is for me.  I’m in!

So friends, how do we make that happen?

The key to a successful launch is being able to identify where your audience is, where they want to be, and HOW to get them to take action.  How can you get them unstuck? First, you need to really identify your audience and their goals. Ask yourself the following questions:

·        Where is my audience right now?

·        Where do they want to be?

·        How can what I have to offer get them to that place?

The next step is creating a solid gap between your free and paid offers—it creates the demand that makes people want to take that next step to continue working with you. You can do that by identifying the following:

·        What is my free training promise?

·        What is my paid offer promise?

·        Have I created enough of a GAP between the two that will make it a no-brainer to take that next step?

When you are clear on your audience’s needs and how you can meet those needs with your offer, they’ll be ready to move.  Your sales page will then be there to seal the deal.

Friends, as you go into your next launch, take your focus off the sales page—leave it alone for a sec!  Think about how you are creating demand for YOUR unique methodology.  You’ve got to understand your audience’s mindset and move them to where they want to be using YOUR words. To have a successful launch, you’ve got to get people to move from point A to point B.  This only happens when you have total clarity in your messaging.

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