Today I want to talk to you about my favorite F-word—not THAT one!—I mean FAILURE!  When I sent out an email about the subject, I got SO MUCH FEEDBACK.  Why?  Because failure is something we ALL deal with from time to time.  But friends, the problem isn’t failure itself. We tend to get so wrapped up in our fears about what we think failure means about us.  THAT is what can prevent us from taking action at all.  But if we can flip the script and instead see the failure as valuable data that helps us amplify our existing launch, we can see a massive shift in results.

In case this is your first time checking things out, please allow me to introduce myself! I’m Kate—a conversion copywriting expert that helps coaches, course creators, and consultants be heard online through irresistible messaging and copy that converts. Helping entrepreneurs come into alignment with their purpose to share their message, and use their love and light to attract their perfect audience, is MY JAM.

Quote of the day: “Before you touch your sales page, let’s see what you’re actually saying. A beautiful sales page with a crap message does not convert.”

Okay, so before I dive into today’s topic, I need to set the scene:  It’s 2018 and younger Kate is getting ready to go into James Wedmore’s Business By Design LIVE. I was SO excited because I was burned-out and frustrated in my business and honestly, at times, I was ready to throw it ALL away.  I knew I needed help! So I went to the conference and had a massive breakthrough.  I had a program I hadn’t launched and I realized it was simply because of my fear of failure.

But I want to be clear here: it wasn’t so much that I was afraid of failing itself; I was afraid of what failure would mean about ME.  What would it mean about me as a coach, a copywriter, an entrepreneur? The stories in my head were UNREAL.  But you know what?  I was like, “screw it!” and launched anyway. Had FIVE amazing people into my beta program—made $5K!—and I was super jazzed! So a  few months later, I re-launched and this time stepped it up with ads, did a whole big training—y’all, I was in that place where I was going ALL IN. 

And wait for it…


The very thing I feared—failure!—came true. The stories about what failure means about me came flooding back.  IT. WAS. ROUGH. But instead of throwing in the towel, here is what I realized:  every launch is a data point; it’s an experiment. All that zero dollar launch meant was that something was off.

Instead of listening to the doubtful voices in my head and calling it quits, I got some feedback from members of my beta group. With that feedback, I made some tweaks. Changed the program name. Focused on the messaging behind the launch.

The result? That launch brought in nearly $30k! A simple shift changed EVERYTHING.

So now you can go out and do the same! But I know what you’re saying… “yes, Kate…you’re right! It’s not working!  How can I figure out WHY?”

First off, know I’m with you. I’ve been there! But ask yourself the following:

·        Am I making the case for what I’m offering?

·        Am I showing my audience why they need ME?

·        Have I asked for feedback from those who have experienced what I have to offer?

Friends, I want you to remember something: when you are making the case for your offer, you are making the case for the unique way YOU get people results. Your secret sauce is what sets YOU apart. When you are looking at your launch, you have got to showcase why YOU are the one they need!  I went from a $0 launch to a $30k launch in a few months with some very simple tweaks. When you really make the case for what you’re offering, those small tweaks can have massive results. Imagine what is possible for you.Want to know more about HOW you can fine-tune that messaging? Our FREE training is starting August 6th. It’s a 3-part live training series that I know you’re gonna love.  The wait list is growing, so be sure to jump on it now at  I cannot wait to see you there!