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“I have felt most confident – in terms of working on my business –  when I’m working on my copy because it gives me this place to be to be like ‘here’s some aspect of what my truth is’.”

Have you ever thought about the confidence and freedom that you could feel when you know that you’ll have successful copywriting that converts? Then this episode is for you!

Alright peeps, if you’ve been around for awhile, I’m sure you’ve heard me talk about my signature course, Copy That Converts, all the time but now it’s time to hear from someone who has done the damn thing! On this episode, I talk to Joey Vitale, one of my AMAZING clients, friend, and student in Copy That Converts. He talks all about the importance of messaging and copy in your business, how successful copywriting has helped his business, and what he is up to post Copy That Converts. See you there!

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