So let me ask you something: If your car runs out of gas, do you run out and get a new car? Of course not!  So why is it when online experts don’t see the sales they expect from their launch, they immediately want to trade in the car (i.e their launch strategy), instead of giving the existing one the fuel it needs to move? 

Listen, my friend… you can change the strategy ALL you want and still not get results if your message doesn’t compel your audience to move. So today I’m breaking down how to get off the launch strategy hamster wheel and instead properly fuel your launch so it makes an unshakable case for what you have to offer.

Just in case this is your first time stopping by, let me introduce myself! My name is Kate Dramis and I am a conversion copywriting expert and messaging coach. I am obsessed with helping online experts fill their launches, and sell out their offers through Copy That Converts.

Quote of the day:  “When you can make your launch support your offer, and make it a complete no-brainer, then your launch is going to convert no matter how you deliver it.”

So let me paint the picture: You are all fired-up about your launch and ready to see the leads and sales  rolling in. You’re excited. You’re ready! But then you open enrollment for your offer and…. Crickets. Where are all of those sales you expected?!  Trust me, you are not alone—so many entrepreneurs have been there! It can be totally discouraging when it doesn’t have the results you’d expected.  

And for most launchers, their first instinct is to change the strategy. You think, “The webinar didn’t work, so let me do a video series, and if that doesn’t work, then next I’ll do video training series.”  You end up spinning your wheels, face burnout, and still don’t see the results you want.  

What gives? 

Here’s the deal: if your launch isn’t converting, what you’re saying is not resonating with your audience; you have not made the case for why someone should take action.  When you keep switching launch strategies, your attention is shifting from the content you’re delivering and why that content isn’t resonating with your audience. But the content is KEY, so that’s where our focus needs to be.

I know what you’re thinking: “Okay, Kate, I get what you’re saying, but how can I make sure my message is compelling so my launch is SUPER effective?”  I’ve got your six, my friend.  You can start by asking yourself the following questions:

*      Does my messaging make a case for what I’m offering?

*      Does my messaging help my audience move from point A to point B?

*     Am I clear on the misconceptions they have about getting results, and does my message give them confidence to blow past those concerns?

*     What do they need to hear from me to see my offer is a no-brainer?

These are great questions to fine-tune your message to ensure your audience can’t wait to take part in what you’ve got to offer.  It becomes that no-brainer and they will jump at the opportunity to work with you.

Final thoughts, my friend: The key to an effective launch is having your messaging totally dialed in.  When it’s clear and compelling, you can launch at any time or in any way you want. If you know how to say what you want to say and compel your audience to take action, your launches WILL convert. 

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