Have you ever put SO much heart, time, and energy into writing copy for your launch, then end up with crickets?  We’ve all been there! It leaves us wondering if we need to do a massive rewrite (or heck, even change our launch strategy completely, right?!).  

But here’s the deal, y’all: If your offers aren’t selling, it’s more likely you have a messaging breakdown. You can drive yourself crazy trying to fix your copy, but you are avoiding the main problem—the message is not inspiring action.  So let’s chat about how you can get into alignment with your message, so your copy can be more effective.  When that happens, it will move your people from stuck to stoked!

In case you’re just tuning in, please allow me to introduce myself! I’m Kate—a conversion copywriting expert that helps coaches, course creators, and consultants be heard online through irresistible messaging and copy that converts. Helping entrepreneurs come into alignment with their purpose to share their message, and use their love and light to attract their perfect audience, is MY JAM.

Quote of the day:

“If something isn’t resonating with your audience—if your offers aren’t selling—yes, you likely have a copy problem, but more than that, you have a messaging issue.  It’s what you’re saying that’s not resonating.” 

So friends, let’s first get clear on what is messaging and what is copy. While messaging and copywriting are not the same thing, they DO go together—they are different stages of the same process.  Why is that important? Because so many people go through their launches and think the reason they aren’t seeing sales is because they aren’t creative enough, punchy enough, or catchy enough. But the problem often isn’t in the copy; it’s that the message isn’t coming through.

So now that you get that messaging and copy are two different steps, I can hear what you’re thinking: “Okay, Kate, but what’s the difference?”

·        Messaging is what you actually SAY that moves people from point A to point B. 

·        Copywriting is the EXECUTION of your messaging. It’s how you communicate what you’re saying to your people.

So when your launch happens and you’re not seeing the sales you know you deserve, instead of driving yourself crazy trying to rewrite your copy, it’s best to ensure your offers are well-positioned, and get clarity on your message so it resonates with your audience. When you can clearly make the case for what you’re selling, there’s no way they can resist! And no amount of catch words can do that. 

So now I know you’re asking—where do I start, Kate? Friends, here are some things that can help you get super clear on your message first:

1.     Knowing your positioning as an online expert—how can you help others with what you’ve learned?

2.     Knowing your offer’s (offers’) positioning—the promise of your free training should not be the same as your paid offer; there’s got to be more in store!

3.     Your launch positioning – your launch’s whole purpose is to make the case for your methodology.

4.     Your secret sauce—what makes you and what you have to offer different from the rest? What makes your people stoked to MOVE from point A to point B?

So homeslice, are you solid on these things?  If not, your first step is getting clarity on them. When you have clarity about them, it will come through in your copy.  The goal is for your audience to GET that what you have is absolutely what they need; when you find that sweet spot of knowing your message and communicating it clearly, they will!

Bottom line, my friends: We HAVE to start with clear messaging that your audience can identify with. You want them to think, “YES! This is what I need!” Once that message is clear, they’re ready to MOVE and your copy just seals the deal.

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