How to Share Your Message without Losing Your Voice 

You know what I’ve noticed? 

A lot of entrepreneurs have a hard time saying what they want to say. 

They focus on the “right” topics to share. They focus on the “right way” to write that email, social media post, or sales page. They get so caught up in the PROCESS that they lose sight of what they actually want to SAY. Sound familiar? 

Episode 14 of The Dare to Be Dope Podcast is here to help you find the sweet spot so you’re able to share your message clearly, but in a way that lets you shine through. How? Through a little technique I like to call Intuitive Messaging.  

If this is your first time checking out The Dare to Be Dope Podcast, let me introduce myself!  I’m Kate—a conversion copywriting expert that helps coaches, course creators, and consultants be heard online through irresistible messaging and copy that converts. Helping entrepreneurs come into alignment with their purpose to share their message and use their love and light to attract their dream audience is MY JAM.

Quote of the day: “You need to understand your purpose and why you show up each and every day.  Because when you do, you can start to take that energy that lights you up and share it with your audience—and nothing is more magnetic than that!”

So what’s all this talk about “Intuitive Messaging”? So glad you asked! 

“Intuitive Messaging” is all about listening to that inner voice that’s urging you to share the things that light you up. Ya know what I mean — that inner urging that says, “OMG I wanna talk about THIS!”   

Being able to tap into the topics you really want to share with your people—and connect them to your offers and services—is key to creating REAL connections with your audience. Think about it: 

What separates YOU from every other coach, course creator, or service provider? 

It’s YOU. Your unique approach, your unique experiences, your unique stories and values and purpose. And when you can weave that into your messaging, you’ll start to attract an audience who’s excited AF to work with you just because you’re YOU. 

So where do you start? 

First, get clear on what you really want to talk about. For example, let’s say you’re a social media coach who believes in using your intuition in your social media strategy. Why is this important to you? Why should your audience care? Journal about it and see what comes up! 

Next, take a look at what you’ve written down and ask yourself: 

What’s preventing me from sharing this? 

 Fear of judgement? Lack of experience? Wanting to get it just right? 

Whatever it is… isn’t it more important that your audience hears this message? Isn’t it more important that you operate in alignment with your values and your mission? 

Being able to say “F it!” to fear and getting into alignment with your message is what attracts those who are interested in WHAT you are sharing. You being fired-up about it will inspire action because you’re talking about what LIGHTS YOU UP! 

Bottom line, my dude: Think about why you do what you do and identify what is keeping you from sharing the message you are called to share. When you align with your purpose and kick those barriers to the curb, you’ll be able to get your message out without fear dulling your light. 

Templates are awesome. Strategies are great. But first, you’ve GOT to get into alignment with what you want to say. It’s amazing what can happen when you just let yourself speak from the heart.

 If you want to dive deeper into Intuitive Messaging and get fired up AF about how it can change your business and inspire your clients to action, you’ll want to jump on my one-week intensive training in Amplified Academy. It’s all about helping entrepreneurs get into alignment with their unique light and energy and sharing that with their people in a way that makes them say, “yeah, I get this!”Can’t wait to see you there!