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“On the other side of that thing that’s scaring you, on the other side of that “failure,” on the other side of that thing that makes you want to vomit, is the thing you’ve been going after.”

Are you an entrepreneur who constantly feels stuck because you are afraid of failing at what you REALLY want to do? Are you ready to redefine failure and see the limitless opportunities that await you on the other side? If so, this episode is for you!

We all feel fear, my dudes. Fear of failure. Fear of what no sales would mean. Fear of the labels we might give ourselves. I get it! But guess what? Fear of failure only holds you back!  On the other side of fear is a breakthrough. Join me as we uncover ways to redefine this fear and fight the labels we often put on ourselves and move to a place where we can do exactly what you feel called to do.

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