The Amplified AF Podcast is on a mission — a mission to encourage entrepreneurs everywhere to step fully into the message that keeps them up at night.

The message that makes their palms sweat. The message that won’t get out of their head. Because it’s that message — the scariest message — that your people are dying to hear.

Episode of the Week

#38: Messaging vs. Copy – What’s the Difference?

“You don’t have to be a great writer to get your stuff to convert. What gets people moving is great messaging.”

Have you ever finished up a launch you were sure would kick butt and thought, “Why the heck did this bomb?” It’s such a bummer…not to mention it’s enough to make you ready to scrap everything and rewrite allll your copy.

So what’s the secret to getting clear on your messaging so it comes through in your copy? I’ve got it right here for you in this episode of Amplified AF. I’m breaking it all down to help you make sure your messaging comes through in your copy so it inspires your people to take action.

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Episode 31: What Makes an Offer Irresistible?

Episode 31: What Makes an Offer Irresistible?

On this episode of The Amplified AF Podcast…

“We get all these rules in our heads…and it takes us out of that place of alignment, it takes us out of that place of listening to our audience…and we don’t actually tap into the beauty that is being in alignment with our offer AND our audience.”

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Kate is a top industry conversion copywriter who has written for some of the biggest experts in the industry, such as James Wedmore, Mel Abraham, Coach Glitter, Liz Melville, Rachel McMichael and more, and has helped her clients sell millions through effective copy.

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