The Amplified AF Podcast is on a mission — a mission to encourage entrepreneurs everywhere to step fully into the message that keeps them up at night.

The message that makes their palms sweat. The message that won’t get out of their head. Because it’s that message — the scariest message — that your people are dying to hear.

Episode of the Week

#21: Why You Shouldn’t Save Your Launch Copy Until the Last Minute

“You’re doing your audience a massive disservice when you wait to create your launch copy until mid-launch. You are taking away your presence from people who are engaging in the experience. You are not showing up with your full energy because your attention is divided.”

Often times, when I talk to entrepreneurs who feel overwhelmed by their launches, it is because they are saving their launch copy for the very last minute. Here’s the deal friends, if you save your launch copy for the last minute, you will ALWAYS be overwhelmed and you will never be able to show up for your audience the way you want. On this episode, join me as I talk about all the ways to plan your launch ahead of time and free up time for you to engage and show up for your audience the way they deserve. See you there!

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Episode 20: Your Sales Page Isn’t The Problem

Episode 20: Your Sales Page Isn’t The Problem

On this episode of The Dare to Be Dope Podcast…

“The job of the sales page is really the icing on the cake. It is the last place they should go to make sure that your offer – whatever it is – is right for them.“

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