Hi, I'm Kate!

I’m an award-winning copywriter for six- and seven-figure entrepreneurs and brand coach for boss ladies who are ready to communicate with confidence online. I’m here to make sure your messaging is on lock, whether it’s for a single email or your entire brand.

They say 99% of the time, it’s a copy problem... and that's where I come in.

Great marketing entices people to take action — and that takes great messaging. Which means if your marketing isn't getting you the results you want, chances are... your messaging is to blame.

But I'm here to help!

I'm on a mission...

… and that’s to empower as many female entrepreneurs as possible to build their dream businesses.

When I first started as a brand coach, I realized something rather alarming… at some point in our time together, every single student of mine shared some fear/doubt about not being enough

Who am I to do this? What if I’m not good enough? Do I really deserve all that I want to achieve? 

The impostor syndrome was literally causing them to play smaller online… to hide their swagger in fear of someone pointing the finger and saying, “Who the heck are you?!” 

But here’s the secret, boss ladies. When we communicate with confidence — when we show up big and give ourselves the permission to put our message out there, everywhere — it changes everything

So tell me… how can I help you grow your brand?

The Official, Do-People-Still-Talk-in-3rd-Person? Bio

Kate is a brand coach for female entrepreneurs and copywriter for 6- and 7-figure online experts. She helps her clients lock in their brand messaging and communicate with confidence so they can have more engagement and sales online. 

Kate began her marketing career as a copywriter for a digital agency, where she quickly grew to become the youngest department head in agency history leading the content team. Kate then went on to work in marketing strategy for a Fortune 50 brand until she took her coaching and consulting business full-time. 

Today, Kate serves as the CEO of Kate Creative, LLC. She is trusted by some of the top online experts in the industry to create copy for their brands, including entrepreneurs like Stephanie Joanne, James Wedmore, and Nate Shivar. 

She is the founder of Brand Messaging Academy, a six week program to help female entrepreneurs lock in their brand messaging and communicate confidently online. She is also the founder of the EntreprenHER Society, a podcast dedicated to female entrepreneurship, and the Boss Squad, a free Facebook group for #bossladies looking to network and grow their businesses.

"I just came off of two pretty big projects that I hired Kate for, and I wanted to share my experience because it has been the best decision I have ever made to get unstuck."
Stephanie Joanne
Online Brand & Business Coach

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