• Kate you are a BOSS! After we chatted earlier today I reworked my emails with your suggestions. I can just picture them all reading it, nodding along and creating that bond I've been missing. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Alison M.
  • Kate breaks things down into steps so you don’t get overwhelmed, which I find really helpful! She knows her stuff and is passionate about helping other people grow and succeed. I would not hesitate to recommend her to any online entrepreneur!

    Jenn N.
  • Kate you did it. That video right there was worth the entire cost of the program. SERIOUSLY. Being able to do a massive brain dump and have someone help me pull it apart, get a different perspective, focus on the right areas, create a dialogue with me instead of just having all these thoughts stuck in my head. That means SO much to me. I seriously can't thank you enough.

    Emily B.
  • “Kate is a genius. I've been able to learn so much from her about content and digital strategy, and it's worked! Her tips have helped me grow my own business, and she's been so fun and easy to work with. She really knows her stuff!”

    Cassie K.
  • It has been amazing working with Katelyn on a variety of projects (blog posts, emails, landing pages, and so much more). If you feel like your marketing strategy is missing something, it might just be Katelyn!

    Jasmine S.
  • Katelyn not only has a excellent writing skills, she also has an editor's eye, a marketer's mindset and a keen sense of content strategy.

    Nate S.
  • Her work is polished, intelligent, and entertaining. She is one of the good ones.

    Drew G.
  • Katelyn is a star content strategist because she's a triple threat: she's great with words, numbers and clients. She can create compelling content, back it up with metrics, and communicate its value to decision makers. Katelyn would be a dream to work with on any project!

    Julia M.


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