Have you ever had a moment in your business where you just needed to stop for a sec? Like you knew what you had on the schedule and it’s what you’ve been doing all along (so it’s what your people expect from you), but something tells you it’s time to hit pause?

I faced this exact thing after taking a short hiatus from Amplified AF during the holidays.  When it was time to return in January, there was something in me that made me realize I needed a bit more time to really look at the business and how we’re showing up.

I knew I could white-knuckle it and plow through or continue the pause and really lean into where I want my business to go in 2021 and beyond.  Spoiler alert: it was the BEST decision I could have made.

On this episode of Amplified AF, I’m sharing what hitting the pause button taught me about how important it is to really be aligned in your business, and about how giving yourself time and space to really lean into what that is for you can be the very best move you can make.

Just in case this is your first time here, let me say a quick hello!  I’m Kate — an expert conversion copywriter who is obsessed with helping people find their voice, own their voice, and share their voice in the online space.  So glad you’ve found us!

Quote of the Day: “Create a business that fits into your life, not a life that fits into your business.”

So I’ll be honest with you…in January when it was time to resume Amplified AF and I felt that heaviness around doing the show, it would have been easy to push it aside and do what I’d planned to do.  

I mean, we’re pummelled with the message that in order to be successful you’ve got to show up consistently or your business will implode — especially if you are building your business and brand in the online space,

So when I felt that urge to pause, there was a tiny fear that if I didn’t show up as I always had, it would impact the business negatively.  But you know what?  It actually did the opposite.

Taking that break was exactly what I needed to give myself the time and space to really lean into what I wanted from my business to make sure that everything I do is aligned with the direction we want to go.

That and it gave Team Kate the time, space, and energy to really connect with our people and serve our clients at our very best, which is why we DO what we do.

Since we’re all in that new year’s mode of setting goals and really getting in tune with the direction we want to go, I wanted to remind you that it’s the perfect time to hit pause and really lean into what feels aligned in your business so you can figure out what lights you the heck up.

Wondering how you go about doing that?  I thought you’d never ask. 😉

Start by asking yourself a few questions, like…

  • What do I want out of my business?
  • How do I want it to flow?
  • What strategy will make that work?
  • What am I currently doing that’s not in alignment with how I want to show up (so I can let that ish go?)

The reality is there are so many amazing ways to improve your business, but none of it matters if you’re running yourself into the ground or not feeling good about what you put out into the world.  

So what did I decide about Amplified AF?  I really took the time to look at what this show means to me.  It’s how I connect with my people and the reality is, I totally love it.  Once I tapped back into that energy, I knew it was perfectly aligned with who I am and the business I want to fit into my life, so here we are!

Bottom line, my friend.  Don’t fall into the trap that you have to DO all the things all the time to grow your brand.  The key is really honing in on how you want to show up, then figure out what strategy will help you make it happen.

Ready to really lean into your own brand messaging and what you want to share with the world? Hit me up @katedramis on all the socials and let’s chat about setting up a Brand Messaging VIP Day where we can work together to get clear on who you are and how you want to show up.  I can’t wait!