I’ve noticed something really interesting…many people don’t find writing copy FUN. They know that connecting with their audience requires showing up and communicating consistently, but they often struggle with what to SAY.

On today’s episode of the Amplified AF I’m going to share with you the ONE main ingredient that is necessary to not only write with purpose, but it can also make writing your copy faster, easier, and even more FUN!  So let’s get to it!

If this is your first time joining us, I’m so glad you’re here!  I’m Kate — an industry-leading conversion copywriter who absolutely loves helping entrepreneurs find, own, and share their voice in the online space.  It’s pretty much my JAM. I am so thrilled you’re here today!

Quote of the Day: “When you feel fueled in what you’re saying, when you feel aligned with your messaging, when you’re really in-tune with exactly what you want to talk to your audience about, it is so much easier to create content.”

So one of the biggest struggles that entrepreneurs share with me is that they have trouble knowing WHAT to write. I mean, they KNOW they need to stay connected with and get great content into the hands of their people, but when they sit down to write they just end up staring at a blinking cursor. 

The thing is, it doesn’t have to be that way. I’m going to share with you this ONE little hack that can make writing faster, easier and even better yet—more fun!

The key to more effortless writing all starts with your intention.

When you set an intention for your copy (whether it be for a nurture email, or a Facebook or Instagram post) it will enable you to stop writing in circles and become more aligned with the message you have for your people.

So how do you decide what your intention is for your copy?

It’s pretty simple, really…it’s just getting to the heart of what you want to share.

A great place to start is asking yourself, “what is my GOAL in writing this piece of content?”  

Is it to…

  • Connect with my people?
  • Warm my audience up?
  • Just have fun with them?
  • Share an offer?

When you can identify the ONE thing you want your people to get from what you’re sharing, you’ll find yourself so much more aligned and fueled to write it.

Let’s be honest, my friend…we never want to create copy just to create copy.  But that’s exactly what happens when we write without intention — it becomes fluff that just adds to the already LOUD noise on the internet.  But once we identify the purpose of what we’re writing, it gives us greater ability to provide valuable content AND have more fun doing it.

My challenge to you this week is to make sure you have an intention in EVERY single piece of content you create.  Remember…if there’s no intention, there’s no reason for the copy.

I’d love to hear how this little writing hack changes the way YOU approach your own copy.  Hit me up on the socials — @katedramis — and let me know!