So I’ve been getting this vibe in the entrepreneur space that it’s not cool to repurpose copy.  SO not true, my friend! There are actually several reasons why it’s a GOOD idea to use copy more than once.

Today on Amplified AF we’re gonna unpack them a bit and talk about why repurposing copy can actually be totally beneficial–for both you and your people.

But before we continue, let me say a quick hello! I’m Kate—a conversion copywriting expert who LOVES to help online experts like you find, share, and own your voice in this massive online space. 

Quote of the day:  “It’s time to release the idea that you have to create something brand new in all of your marketing.” 

So I know what you’re thinking…“Kate, I’m afraid if I repeat content I’m going to sound like a broken record.” 

And I get where you’re coming from. 

But ask yourself…how many times do you remember exactly what has been in an email, or a social media post?

Truth is, probably not that many.  

Ever heard of the rule of 7 in marketing? It says that people have got to hear something multiple times before it sticks. Heck, my coaches tell me the same thing over and over then one day–BAM–it CLICKS. So trust me when I tell you it makes total sense to use the power of repetition to reach your people.

Something else to remember is that not all of your people will see everything you share.  If they miss it in an email, they may see it on Insta…so using it multiple times increases the chances those who need it will see it.

So we’ve chatted about how repurposing can benefit your peeps, but how about you?  First off, it’s going to save you time and frustration.  When you nail your message and it lands well, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel!  I mean, you wouldn’t buy a new house every time yours needs cleaning, am I right? 

So instead of trying to find new and creative ways to share your message, find what works–and don’t be afraid to re-share.

By the way, this is also a great way to test your messaging. When you see that something performs well, save it to use on a different platform in the future.  If it resonates, it’s like striking GOLD! You know it will land with your people–so use it again (especially when it’s time to promote your offer)!

Let’s check out a great example of this…your Sales Page.  It’s that final push that has all the details about the transformation you have to offer. So why not take the copy you know works and use that along the way?  Chunks of that content can be repurposed in multiple ways–emails, social media, live video–and can be the lead-up to your offer.   

Bottom line, my friend…not repurposing your content is doing a massive disservice to your people, and it’s not helping you either. 

You simply do not need to always create something new to move people into action. What you need is repetition; find what works, then get out there and share your message. Share it as many times as it needs to be heard by those who need what you have to offer.

That’s how you help change lives.