Do you ever feel like as an online expert it’s expected that you’ll NEVER have a negative moment or emotion?  

You are not alone, homeslice.

In the online community, there is such a high-vibe mentality that it often leaves us feeling like if we experience ANY negative emotions, we’re either not doing things right or even worse—we’re failing.

But that’s not the case at all. *Spoiler alert*  We’re just human.

The thing is, if you ignore these feelings, they will cause a ripple effect that will have a negative impact on everything you’re doing. Nobody’s got time for that! 

Today on Amplified AF we’ll chat about how you can process them in a productive way, then release them so you can show up and serve as your most badass self!

First time hanging out with me? I’m so glad you’re here. I’m Kate—a conversion copywriting and messaging expert and coach.  Helping online experts just like you clearly share their hearts and messages with their people is my JAM.

Quote of the day: “The things we ignore just don’t disappear…emotions don’t work like that.”

So I’m gonna be real honest with you here: one of the most awesome things about getting to work in the online space is that it’s SO positive and high energy.

Sooo amazing!But often when we encounter a negative emotion or situation, we don’t want to even acknowledge it because we want to stay in that uplifted space. The problem is that over time these stuffed down emotions will build, and simmer, and create discord in your business and your life.

Sound familiar?

I know it does, because I’ve been there, too. But what I’ve learned is that if we leave them alone, they don’t go away–they just fester and grow, and will impact everything you’re doing (and not in a good way).  Trust me, no one wants that.

And I know what you’re thinking…“So, what’s the solution, Kate?” Never fear–I’ve got your six.

First, take a minute and acknowledge the feeling.  Recognize it’s there, and try to identify where it came from.

Next, ask yourself why that feeling is bringing you down.  It’s often not the feeling itself, but the why behind it—beliefs, doubts or fears tied to it—that gets us in a funk.

Once you’ve identified where it came from and what you think it means, feel it. Let go of the thought that negative emotions mean we’re not doing it right. Recognize they are simply part of our human experience.

Finally, release it—Let. That. Ish. Go.

My friend, there is a big difference between sitting IN something and sitting WITH it, then letting it go and moving forward: one leaves you stuck, the other lets you soar.Remember…give yourself grace and space to feel what you need to feel, and do what you need to do, so you can get back into that amazing positive energy.  That is the key to showing up as your absolute best so you can share your amazing light with this world. 

Got any tips to share on how you handle the less-than-pleasant emotions? I’d love to hear them.  Come share them with me on the socials–@katedramis.  Looking forward to it!