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“When we lean into those unique urges and those callings in our souls, those things that light us up, that’s where we start to create movements, that’s where we start to spread joy, that’s where we start to create impact.”

Are you an entrepreneur who feels such a strong calling, they want to start a movement? Do you want to make waves and create crazy impacts, but you feel stuck in the fear? If so, this episode is for you!

As entrepreneurs, we all want to make a difference and be bold and live fearless lives. However, when it comes to making those bold and fearless decisions, we get stuck in the BUT of our sentence. But what if this fails? But what if I embarrass myself? In this episode, I dive into how to recognize the but and move past it to be able to step into your most bold, authentic, and amplified life!! Join me as we live our best lives together!

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Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy!!

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