The Amplified AF Podcast is on a mission — a mission to encourage entrepreneurs everywhere to step fully into the message that keeps them up at night.

The message that makes their palms sweat. The message that won’t get out of their head. Because it’s that message — the scariest message — that your people are dying to hear.

Episode of the Week

#30: Is the Thought of Launching Keeping You From Launching?

“If the thought of launching is preventing you from launching, then change the thought!”

Alright friends, let’s talk launching. Is the thought of launching and all you need to do in a launch actually keeping you from launching? I get it. A full blown launch can be so stressful! But who says you have to do a full blown launch every time you offer something to your audience? On this episode, we dig deep into some of the negative feelings that can surround launching and how to reenvision your launches so they are in alignment with you and give your audience what they want! See you there!

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