The Dare to Be Dope Podcast is on a mission — a mission to encourage entrepreneurs everywhere to step fully into the message that keeps them up at night.

The message that makes their palms sweat. The message that won’t get out of their head. Because it’s that message — the scariest message — that your people are dying to hear.

Episode of the Week

#14: The Key to Magnetic Messaging

“You need to understand your purpose and why you show up each and every day. Because when you do, you can start to take that energy that lights you up and start to share it with your audience. And nothing is more magnetic than that.”

The longer you focus on the “right way” to share your message, the more you’re going to smother your own voice. So on today’s episode, we’re talking all about intuitive messaging (a.k.a. how to ACTUALLY say what you want to say).

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Episode 16: What Copy and Cars Have in Common

Episode 16: What Copy and Cars Have in Common

In case you’re just tuning in, please allow me to introduce myself! I’m Kate—a conversion copywriting expert that helps coaches, course creators, and consultants be heard online through irresistible messaging and copy that converts…

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Meet Kate


Kate is a top industry conversion copywriter who has written for some of the biggest experts in the industry, such as James Wedmore, Mel Abraham, Coach Glitter, Liz Melville, Rachel McMichael and more, and has helped her clients sell millions through effective copy.

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