Let’s make your next launch your best launch. 

You’re busy running a business — which means you don’t have time to agonize over your launch copy. My super power is getting into that brilliant head of yours, pulling out your irresistible message, and turning it into persuasive copy that fills your launches and sells your offers.

Mind-Reading, Launch Copywriter, at your service.

Whether it’s your second launch or your twenty-second, you know that your messaging and copy is the key ingredient to success. Which means you don’t need a copywriter who just regurgitates previous launch copy — you need a writer who can help you flesh out your unique message and then turn it into magnetic ads, landing pages, emails, and sales pages. 

Here’s how we can work together for your next launch:

Done-For-You Launch Copywriting 

For online experts who are looking to completely hand-off your launch copywriting so that you can focus on doing what you do best — showing up for your tribe.

Messaging Workshops 

For online experts who are looking to workshop your messaging, but write your own copy, so that you can be sure your positioning is irresistible.

Team Training

For online experts who want their team / writer to be trained in conversion copywriting that gets results.

She’s an actual magician… I decided to launch a different group program and instead of feeling totally overwhelmed and like I’m starting from the beginning, I felt really empowered, really confident. I was able to sit down and start creating the pieces again on my own.”

– Dr. Morgana Mcable Allen

She took the time to understand my program, what it was trying to deliver, the type of person I was trying to reach… she took that concept and all the frustrations and challenges my clients are having with FB ads, and she put that into words that were so powerful that I actually doubled my sales conversions in that one launch.

– Liz Melville

I’ve used Kate for the past two and a half years now — not just to help write massive amounts of my copy that’s helped us sell millions of dollars worth of products… but I’ve also brought Kate on to be a coach inside one of our programs because trust her skills, her processes, and her amazing training more than anyone.

– James Wedmore

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